Wordline E-Payments Challenge 2020: CPG wins 3 Challenges

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CPG is pleased to announce that we have won 3 out of 11 business challenges as a finalist from 40 selected fintechs & startups in the Wordline E-Payments Challenge 2020!

Wordline E-Payments Challenge 2020: a leading global hackathon for co-innovation in payments

The E-Payments Challenge 2020 is Wordline’s leading digital event and a hackathon for co-innovation in payments. It brings together Worldline customers, partners, fintechs and start-ups as well as thought leaders from the industry from around the world to explore the digital transformation of the sector and accelerate innovation towards business areas.

The key facts for the virtual event 2020 are:

  • 40 selected participating fintechs & startups
  • 10 Worldline partners who define 11 business challenges
  • 17.5 hour webinars on Business Challenges & Wordline Assets for  integration
  • 273 1: 1 meetings between participants, partners & Wordline
  • 46 projects the participants are working on
  • 53 pitches in front of the Wordline partner and grand jury
  • 13 challenges in total
  • 12 winners, 3 times CPG!

SEPA Request-to-Pay & PSD2 XC2A: CPG as finalist wins 3 business challenges

The CPG team was not only able to prove itself as one of 5 finalists from the 40 selected participants, but also won 3 of 11 business challenges from the partners of Worldline as a serial winner!

BNP Paribas Business Challenge: Payment initiated through PSD2 API in a B2B context

Won business challenge of BNP Paribas: Payment initiated through PSD2 API in a B2B context.

Šiaulių Bankas Business Challenge: Request to pay - Bank services to merchants

Won business challenge of Šiaulių Bankas: Request to pay – Bank services to merchants.

French Telecom Company Business Challenge: New Card Payment Service

Won business challenge of French Telecom company: New card payment service.

Our solutions to the business challenges are based on CPG.classic and CPG.instant, we will present them on a blog in the upcoming weeks.

Big thank you to our team, organizers & participants

We sincerely thank our team for an exceptional performance and tireless commitment over the past few days!

We also thank the organizers & participants for an excellent virtual event with innovation-promoting competition & networking.


Wordline e-Payments Challenge 2020: CPG team

Team of CPG at Worldline e-Payments Challenge 2020 Hackathon

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