Instant Payments: with CPG.instant in existing system environments 24/7/365 ready!

Instant Payments

Advantages of CPG.instant for Instant Payments

  • independent of existing core banking and booking systems
  • flexible adaptation to existing systems (eg embargo)
  • open interfaces (REST API, MQ, file)
  • flexible, transparent processes
  • seamless integration with mass payments (SEPA SCT, SDD)
  • communication to CSM networks for Instant Payments (TIPS, RT1)
  • 100% compatible with SEPA Instant Credit Transfer Standards of European Payments Council
  • available as SaaS or On-premises solution

Characteristics of CPG.instant

CPG.instant is based on programming languages and an asynchronous architecture as used today for modern messengers such as Whatsapp. Instant payments are not dissimilar to WhatsApp messages in terms of their characteristics: to be delivered individually at any time and to be confirmed in real time.

Our solution is designed for fast, parallelizable single transaction processing, extremely high-performance and yet highly reliable. CPG.instant can be flexibly embedded in the given system environment. All the processes involved in a transaction can be coordinated with the given systems, which minimizes the integration effort.

Cloud Service

The advantages for instant payments at a glance

  • CPG.classic, CPG.instant and SEPax are also available as Software as a Service. This variant of software usage offers a lot of flexibility low fixed costs.
  • Individual functions can be activated or deactivated as required.
  • Highest availability and security are guaranteed by our certified data center.

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