CPG.classic is the comprehensive solution for national and cross-border global electronic payments


Benefits of CPG.classic

  • Effectiveness through flexibility (very high degree of standardization with simultaneous, unrestricted customer-specific configuration)
  • Integration capability through open interface concept
  • Open and unlimited scalability for enterprise-specific structures and volumes
  • Suitable for all financial service providers, from a simple converter solution to centralized group processing
  • Modular architecture with complete functional coverage

CPG.classic optimizes your payment transactions

Complete scope of services

A system for all cases

CPG.classic has been continuously developed in cooperation with our customers and includes all conceivable functions for the individual processing and optimization of payments. Checking, sorting, automatic corrections and the time- or cost-optimized allocation of a clearing partner are core functions of the system.

Modular construction and transparency
Flexibility and independence

Features of CPG.classic

Cloud Service

The advantages at a glance

  • CPG.classic, CPG.instant and SEPax are also available as "Software as a Service". This variant of software usage offers a lot of flexibility and low fixed costs.
  • Individual functions can be activated or deactivated as required.
  • Highest availability and safety are ensured by our certified data center.

Are you looking for a solution for electronic payments?