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Request to Pay MOTO

As already mentioned, R2P is not a payment method, but just a request. It needs to be combined with a SEPA payment. All possible combinations are very well suited for distance trading, so-called “MoTo Transactions” (Mail Order Telephone Order; also called “card not present” transactions in the credit card world).
The call center agent only has to ask for the buyer’s IBAN and can then initiate a R2P transaction with the merchant bank. The buyer receives the request through his own bank, i.e. he can confirm the payment in his familiar banking environment.

In the following example, the subsequent payment method is a SEPA Instant Payment transaction, i.e. the merchant account is also immediately credited:

Request to Pay MOTO – special requirements in a call center

The dialogue on the phone is sensitive and payment should be made as easy as possible for the buyer. An IBAN is an unwieldy sequence of numbers, but the cross-sum check means that numbers are not rotated. Of course, the call center agent can also determine the IBAN with a simple program if the customer only has his bank code and account number ready.
To make the phone call as smooth as possible, it should first be clarified whether the buyer also has access to the e-banking of his bank at this moment and whether he is familiar with the process. Depending on the customer situation and the type of goods or service, a different payment method can also be combined with the Request to Pay message. E.g. magazine subscriptions or partial payments can be processed with a SEPA direct debit.

SEPA Proxy Lookup (SPL) in the call center

One way to simplify the course of the call regarding the payment is to query the IBAN using the SEPA Proxy Lookup. Ideally, the telephone number that the call center agent uses is already linked to an IBAN, so that telephone inquiries are no longer necessary. An SPL query is possible independently of an R2P query, i.e. it can already take place in the preparation for the call.

Request to Pay – Mail Order

Mail order catalogs are old-fashioned, but a written order can also be processed with R2P. As soon as the merchant receives the order and the IBAN, he can initiate the request with his bank. The shopper is asked to pay in his e-banking application and can confirm this there.
An IBAN is not subject to PCI DSS regulations so using it for mail order is much easier. However, fraud is ruled out as all transactions can only be carried out using the e-banking application.

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