Which banking apps do Germans have on their smartphones?

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A recent study by ibi research asked consumers about their buying behaviour and changed habits due to the Corona pandemic. There were also some interesting findings about banking apps.

Solid data basis

A realistic picture of consumer habits is difficult to obtain or requires a great deal of effort. The present study is based on an online survey, i.e. the participants are used to using online services. Within this group, however, the distribution seems very balanced:

Banking apps are popular

Among other things, the participants were asked which apps they had installed on their smartphones. A messenger service is in first place, but a banking app is already in third place. In total, 12 out of 25 apps have something to do with banking or payment.

Most consumers in Germany seem to be well prepared to use their smartphone for payments at the point of sale and for financial transactions.

ibi research

The study by ibi research was conducted exclusively for members of the ibi partner network and will be made available to the public in autumn.

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