SWIFT GPI Tracker: MT199 mandatory for FIN from 11/2020

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SWIFT GPI Tracker: Mandatory changes from November 2020

From November 2020, as part of the new SWIFT gpi Tracker, confirmations for payments in MT103 format (Single Customer Credit Transfer) are mandatory. This affects all FIN participants! For a FIN participating bank that wants to receive MT103 payments, this means that it must confirm to the MT103 payments with a message in MT199 format (Free Format Message) when the money was credited to the customer account. On the other hand, this means for a bank that wants to send MT103 payments that it can receive a message in MT910 format (Confirmation of Credit) as a confirmation from the tracker.

SWIFT GPI: more transparency in payment transfers

In November 2017, SWIFT introduced the new Global Payment Innovation (GPI) service to improve and accelerate international payments and has been gradually expanding it since then. The GPI service is intended to create more transparency in terms of fees and the transmission of all payment information. In particular, the unique end-to-end transaction reference (UETR) payment reference, as part of an automated end-to-end tracking, enables better traceability of payments. Since November 2019, the UETR has also been mandatory for all banks that have not yet participated in the GPI.

SWIFT GPI Tracker: as CPG.classic user you are all set!

We develop and sell CPG.classic, a comprehensive software solution for national and cross-border worldwide electronic payments. The mandatory innovations of the SWIFT gpi tracker can be easily implemented with CPG.classic as follows.

CPG.classic used as gateway

SWIFT GPI Tracker: CPBPay as gatewayCPG.classic can be used as a gateway and essentially processes payment traffic messages after checking and corresponding routes automatically to surrounding third-party systems:

  • An MT103 payment is automatically confirmed upon receipt with an MT199, which was generated by the booking system and is only forwarded by CPG.classic.
  • A sent MT103 payment is confirmed by the tracker with an MT910, which CPG.classic can forward to the booking system.

CPG.classic in use as a processing system

SWIFT GPI Tracker: CPG.classsic used for processingCPG.classic can also be used to generate payment transactions, i.e. the generation of an MT199 (manually by the user or automatically) or the receipt of an MT910 message takes place automatically:

  • An MT103 payment is confirmed upon receipt with an MT199 generated in CPG.classic (automatically or manually by the user) and the MT103 is passed on to the booking system.
  • A sent MT103 payment is confirmed by the tracker with an MT910, which is accepted by CPG.classic and is associated with the MT103 for tracking.

SWIFT Tracker for MT103: Additional information in our Youtube-Video

Further information can be found in the following YouTube video (in German, with English subtitles):


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