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CPG.classicThe introduction of SEPA in 2014 was the start of a transformation for CPG Finance Systems GmbH. Previously, the processing of mass payment transactions between banks was based on hardware such as magnetic tape drive and floppy disc stations. When it was founded in 1978, CPG focussed on such hardware-based solutions for payment transactions. With the introduction of SEPA, electronic transfer became the standard and CPG successfully transformed itself into a software manufacturer.

In the search for the right name, the decision was made in favour of “Cross Boarder Payments” or “CBPay” for short. At the time, this was an understandable decision, as SEPA had taken cross-border payments for the euro countries to a new level.

Over time, search engines also associated the term CBPay with CPG Finance Systems GmbH in Munich.CPG.classic

Unfortunately, a large French card payment system has now registered “CB” as a word mark. We are therefore no longer allowed to use this word mark as part of the name for our software.

What is a word mark?

A word mark is a form of trade mark consisting of letters or numbers. It is used to distinguish the goods or services of one company from those of others. A word mark can be, for example, a company name, a product name, a slogan or an abbreviation. It must be capable of being represented using standard print and must not be purely descriptive or misleading. If a word mark is registered with the Patent and Trade Mark Office, it is protected in all common forms of reproduction, regardless of the font, font size, colour or arrangement. A trade mark infringement can have consequences under both civil and criminal law (in the case of public interest). Under civil law, the trade mark owner can demand injunctive relief, compensation, information, destruction or recall of the infringing products. He can also issue a warning letter, which can be associated with high costs. It does not matter whether the word mark owner uses his word mark at all.

So what is happening? What is changing?

CPG.classicShort answer: as little as possible! So just the name of the software. It will continue to function well and cost-effectively. We are using the changes to split our software solution into a module for conventional (slow) and fast (instant) payment transactions. There is now CPG.classic for SCT, SDD, SCC and SWIFT transactions and CPG.instant for SEPA Instant Payments or other ISO 20022 based real-time payments. Both modules can be used individually or in combination so that a wide range of requirements can be flexibly met.

If you have any questions about our software solutions, please use our contact form.

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